The Course

Hole 1: Grand Detour

The course begins with a short par 4, with an uphill tee shot to a generous fairway surrounded by bunkers. The green is guarded by bunkers, and sits among a stand of oaks.

Hole 2: Colonel Davenport

A downhill tee shot to a fairway some 50 feet below makes this hole play shorter than its listed length. A good drive, and it should be reachable in two.

Hole 3: Stone House

This uphill Par 3 will play much longer than it reads on the scorecard. A set of bunkers guard the right side, and the green runs from front to back.

Hole 4: Friendship Farm

The green sits at one of the highest points on the course, and if you miss the green left right, or long, you are in for a tough chip to a small green.

Hole 5: Lincoln’s Crossing

A long, straight drive down the left side of the fairway is a must on this hole. Trees guard the right side on your second shot, & the green sits behind a ravine.

Hole 6: William Butterworth

The second-shortest par 4 on the course is also the tightest. This hole was carved out of the forest, and while short on length, it is long on danger.

Hole 7: Timber Ridge

This is the longest of the 3 pars on the course, and the most picturesque. Into the normal prevailing wind, this hole will test the accuracy of even the best players.

Hole 8: Sanctuary

The small tongue on the front of the green creates a spot for one of the hardest pin positions on the course.

Hole 9: Howitzer

The longest par 4 and one of the most testing holes on the course. A level landing area for your drive will leave you with a shot through the trees to a long green.

Hole 10: Cor-ten

The green is very small for a par 5 and there is no room for error on your third shot. Bunkers protect the left side while a pond protects the right.

Hole 11: Jump Start

The 11th hole is dedicated to the PGA TOUR professionals who notched their first career victory in the Quad Cities from 1971 through 1998.

Hole 12: Master Stroke

A long par 3 through a tree-lined fairway to a well-bunkered green. This is one of the bigger greens on the course… but don’t miss it, there is trouble all around it.

Hole 13: Poppin’ Johnnie

Probably one of the friendliest holes on the course. A fairway that has bunkers on both sides to a green that sits in front of a stand of trees.

Hole 14: Deere Run

This is the ultimate risk/reward hole. It is drivable but the perils are many. Go for it and miss left and you are in the “valley of sin”.

Hole 15: Coaltown

Probably the toughest hole on the back nine. It is long and tight, and goes to a long, narrow green that is heavily guarded by sand and trees.

Hole 16: Mother Earth

Most likely, the “Signature Hole. To the left is the Rock River and all the perils it commands. It may be short, but it is dangerous.

Hole 17: Stadium

The green is elevated slightly with bent grass collection areas all around. Miss the green, and you will have a tough chip to the hole.

Hole 18: Conquistador

A great finishing hole that will put a premium on driving accuracy. Hit it long and straight to avoid the fairway bunker on the left, but you must keep it on the left side.