Sustainability Month: Metro x John Deere Classic

The John Deere Classic is putting a spotlight on Sustainability during the month of March. We wanted to share some insider information on our sustainability practices and the partners who help us accomplish our goals, on and off the course!

First up is Metro, who we partner with for transportation services for the tournament-sanctioned parking lot at Black Hawk College in Moline, as well as the on course people mover, which we call the “Sustainability Shuttle”.

Metro is a sustainability leader in the Quad Cities. They have converted 70% of their fleet to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and now 30% of their fleet is electric! Fun Fact: Metro’s initial 25 CNG buses that were purchased in the early 2000’s were built with John Deere engines!

Last year, from Wednesday through Sunday, Metro supplied John Deere Classic patrons with a sustainable ride to and from the tournament with their battery electric buses. These buses drove nearly 6,000 miles and provided over 19,000 rides to and from the course. This change in transportation resulted in a net 24,350 lb. reduction in CO2 emissions. We were thrilled that our patrons could enjoy an comfortable, air-conditioned ride that is also great for the environment. You can learn more about Metro’s electric buses here.

Metro also supplied the John Deere Classic with an additional electric bus at the course that we called the “Sustainability Shuttle”. This bus replaced the older tram and was for moving patrons from the Main Entrance tent to the Clubhouse circle. It’s a great option for fans to save their legs from having to walk from #9 all the way to #1 tee and #18 green areas, plus you can skip the crosswalk areas when golfers are trying to play through and not miss your favorite player’s tee time. Make sure you look for it in 2024, parked on the backside of the Main Entrance tent, to the left on the main drive. Save your legs and emissions!

With twelve fixed routes, along with paratransit and microtransit options, #MetroQC gets you where you need to be. Plus, when you choose to ride Metro, you help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A single person, commuting alone by car, who switches a 20-mile round trip commute to existing public transportation, can reduce annual CO2 emissions by 4,800 pounds per year! In fact, riding the bus far exceeds the benefits of other energy-saving household activities, such as using energy-efficient light bulbs or adjusting thermostats. Where’s your closest #MetroQC stop? Download their Transit app and easily plan your next ride here.

Metro’s electric buses will be back again in 2024, providing shuttles from the Black Hawk College lot again (Fri – Sun), as well as the Sustainability Shuttle near the TPC Deere Run Drive, behind the Main Entrance.