Sustainability Month: John Deere

It’s no secret (in our opinion) that John Deere is the greatest title sponsor on the PGA TOUR, but what many people might not know about is John Deere’s concerted effort to be a leader in the technology and sustainability spaces.

John Deere’s efforts can be seen throughout a number of their divisions and product lines but today, let’s focus on the following:

  • Small Ag & Turf – Electrification
  • Connect, Guide & Manage
  • Results

John Deere’s goals have always been to make the world a better place and help the people and planet prosper: “Our customers’ work spans the globe. So, ours does, too. Whether we’re helping farmers put food on tables or construction crews build the roads that connect us, John Deere is working for every person on the planet, even as we work for the planet itself. From a battery electric backhoe that eliminates tailpipe emissions to a more intelligent sprayer that reduces herbicide use while saving farmers time and money. That’s how we all prosper.”

Small Ag & Turf – Electrification

John Deere Z370R

The Small Ag & Turf Division has committed to delivering a fully-electric option in each Turf product family. New turf care machines launched this year are tailored to golf course customers (like TPC Deere Run and golf courses across the PGA TOUR), including electric Gator™ utility vehicles, E-Cut™ Electric walk greens mowers, and E-Cut hybrid fairway mowers.

Compared to non-hybrid mowers, the 6700A and 7700A E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mowers have 90% reduction of hydraulic leak points, reduced fuel consumption and less engine noise. Additionally, the E-Cut Electric walk greens mowers can mow 50,000 square feet on a single charge, all while using no fuel or oil and running virtually silent. These John Deere products attract customers because of their precision and ease of use, efficiency gains associated with electrification, fuel savings, and noise reduction.

Residential customers (like you) can benefit from electrified turf equipment as well. Deere recently launched the Z370R – a lithium-ion powered, zero turn electric mower that delivers a quieter experience, enhanced performance, and no exhaust. Just another way to take advantage of the benefits of electrification at home.

Connect, Guide & Manage

The Small Ag & Turf machines also now have access to John Deere Operations Center PRO Golf management software, a solution fully integrated within the John Deere Operations Center™, helping customers improve communication between managers and employees, enhance their facility’s organization, and harness data to enable better decision-making. John Deere PRO Golf also provides integrated labor and fleet management tools enhanced with machine connectivity. Another way John Deere is helping making turf teams more efficient on the course!


  • 185 and 225 E-Cut Electric Walk Greens Mowers: estimated product lifetime emissions savings of up to 4 metric tons of CO2e
  • E-Cut Hybrid Fairway Mowers:
    • 7700A has an estimated product lifetime emissions savings of up to 11 metric tons CO2e
    • 6700A has an estimated product lifetime emissions savings of up to 10 metric tons CO2e

This is just a tiny peek behind the curtain as to what John Deere is doing in the sustainability space. Their goals are high and they are looking at all aspects of their business to find ways to help lower emissions, use recycled materials, improve the intelligence of the machines they produce and make people and businesses across the world more efficient.

The John Deere Operations Center was named the CES 2024 Innovative awards and also received honors for Sustainability, Eco-Design and Smart-Energy. John Deere truly runs for all and is helping life leap forward across the globe. Learn more about John Deere’s Sustainability practices here.