Honorary Observer Registration

Going inside the ropes, eh? Congrats! It's an incredible experience you are going to LOVE. But first... we need some info from you and your walking partner. If you don't have a walking partner or are being assigned one at a later date, please fill out the information for "Honorary Observer #1" only. See below for FAQ and walking instructions. There will be a training on the day of your Honorary Observer experience, so you don't have to memorize these today.

We do ship your tournament credentials and the Honorary Observer shirts to you ahead of the tournament, so please give us the address that you would like these items shipped to in the form below. If your walking partner has a separate address, please provide that information as well.

Submit your information below:

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(do not include dashes)

If you'd like to have the shirts/tickets shipped to 2 separate locations, please include the Honorary Observer #2's shipping address here.


July 7 - 11

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