Mobile Ticket FAQs

You've got questions, and we've got answers! Click the arrows on the right to reveal answers to all your burning questions about our new ticketing system and mobile entry. 

Can I enter the John Deere Classic with a paper ticket?

We aren't 100% mobile entry yet... BUT we are working towards it. Tickets sold online and over the phone will all be mobile tickets unless there is a special situation that calls for a paper ticket. You will see some Hospitality and GA tickets that are still printed, but do know that those paper tickets will be fading as we move into the future. Mobile tickets help keep costs down and keep paper tickets from being reproduced, which means fewer tickets at risk of fraud and more money to our charities!

How do I access my digital tickets?

Visit this page to find the John Deere Classic Account Manager information and instructions. If you ever need any help managing your ticket, contact the Tournament Office and we would be happy to help you! (309.762.4653 or

Can I print my ticket at home?

No, all tickets are fully digital and only accessible via your mobile device. Your phone is your ticket.

What happens if my ticket doesn't scan properly?

That can usually be solved by turning your screen brightness to the highest setting. If that doesn't work, your ticket can be validated by having the ticket taker manually enter your ticket number directly into the scanner.

Can I have multiple tickets on a single phone?

Yes; however, it's much easier to transfer to each attendee their individual ticket.

What if something happens to my phone prior to entry?

Look, we get it... we forget to charge our phones too. Simply come to the box office on the day you'll be using your ticket, present your photo ID, and verify either your email address or mobile phone number. At that point, we'll verify that you are the ticket holder of record and provide a ticket resolution.

What if my entire party isn't with me when I'm ready to enter the golf course?

You can easily transfer each member their ticket individually since each person entering will need a ticket to get in. Click here to get instructions on how to transfer a ticket.

Does the person I'm transferring tickets to need a Ticketmaster account?

YEP! But it's super easy... when they click the "accept tickets" button in the email notification they will be prompted to set up an account then or login using an existing one.

What happens if I send them to the wrong person?

You can reclaim tickets by cancelling the transfer as long as they haven't already been accepted by the recipient. Please be careful to enter your contacts email address or mobile phone number accurately when transferring tickets. Once a ticket has been claimed by the recipient, the tickets cannot be returned or recalled from the new ticket recipient. In the event that this happens, please contact the tournament office by phone or email: or 309.762.4653.

Can tickets be transferred if the event has started?

Yes, but you cannot transfer a ticket after the ticket has been scanned for entry into the John Deere Classic.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

No, sScreenshots of tickets won't be valid when they get scanned. Screenshots and PDF/paper tickets will not be valid for admission at the Main Gate. Any guests arriving to TPC Deere Run with a screenshot/PDF/paper ticket will be directed to the box office and will need to provide photo identification to verify that they are the ticket owner of record.


July 7 - 11

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