Charity Spotlight: Friendship Manor

Bird #: 864


Location: Rock Island, IL

Mission: Friendship Manor is a faith-based nonprofit Continuing Care Retirement Community, honoring the well-being and independence of the individuals and communities we serve.

This year, like the last several, Friendship Manor asks the public to “share in the care” of seniors who have outlived their resources. When seniors outlive their resources, they refuse to stop caring for them. No one is ever asked to leave the Manor simply because they lived too long. For over a decade now, they have been supplying $1 Million dollars per year in charitable, non-reimbursed care. This couldn’t possibly happen without the Quad Cities community “sharing in the care” through Birdies for Charity. "Birdies is a very big deal to us and our residents, and of course to their families," said Jeff Condit, Development Director.

The 2020 Bonus Funds will follow along exactly with what Friendship Manor's patrons give to - current year charitable care.  "$10,000 or $20,000 or $30,000 of Bonus Bucks provides a lot of days’ care for residents who have outlived their resources," according to Condit. "Annually, we provide roughly 8,000 days (and nights) of charitable care." 

The Friendship Manor residents depend on the staff, and in return, the Manor is depending on the public at large to help “share in the care.”

COVID-19 has been very difficult on the senior living sector, including Friendship Manor. To date, not a single resident has tested positive for COVID-19 at Friendship Manor. Residents have endured significant isolation for their own well-being in the past 3 months. 

"It’s been heart-breaking to see loved ones unable to touch and speak without a barrier between them. Through it all, though, our resolve to continue to serve and minister 'In His Name' has only grown, while we’ve kept our eye on our mission, which is to honor our fathers and mothers. I think we’ve done that admirably, but we couldn’t have done it without the community’s support and prayers," added Condit. 

Friendship Manor has incurred approximately $60,000 per week in negative financial impact for each of the last 12 weeks, with that pace likely to continue for the next 12 weeks. This is in contrast to total net operating income for 2019 of only $12,000. Needless to say, COVID-19 could be crippling, and would have been, were it not for the generosity of the community. If you would like to help Friendship Manor with a financial donation, you can click the button below to donate online through Birdies for Charity or you can text CHIRP to 41444 and designate Bird #864 to give to Friendship Manor.


July 7 - 11

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