Charity Spotlight: Christ in the Wilderness

Bird #: 1100

Location: Stockton, IL


Mission:  A place for solitude, prayer and reflection.

Christ in the Wilderness is a haven for those seeking a balanced life. Our hermitages, nestled in a wooded corner of northwest Illinois, provide retreatants from all backgrounds and faith traditions with the opportunity

for stillness and silence to:

  • Reflect without distractions and interruptions
  • Pray, read, create a work of art, or simply be
  • Savor the beauty of encounters with nature
  • Experience the presence of God
  • Enjoy a thorough and restorative rest

We invite you to experience the spirit and solitude of Christ in the Wilderness and join with the hundreds of others who have come away from their time with us renewed, restored, and reconnected to themselves and others.

You can support Christ in the Wilderness by texting the word CHIRP to 41-444 to donate today! (Remember to designate Bird #1100)


July 5 - July 9

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